Sharad Jaipuria

CMD – Ginni International Limited
Chairman – Jaipuria Institute of Management
President – Denim Manufacturers Association of India



From the historical silk trade to exquisite cotton attracting the world to its shores, India has been the land of rich fabrics. Despite the decline of traditional textiles during the industrial revolution, we are today the second largest cotton and silk producer in the world.

At Ginni International, we take this thread forward with passion and pride. As an integrated textile company, we weave our cotton yarn, griege and denim fabric with quality, eco-responsibility and love.

It has been our endeavor to make products that are market leaders in terms of quality and innovation. And as the market place evolves, new technologies and processes help us lead every challenge and opportunity.

In our journey since 1996, we have always been mindful of our role towards our people and the planet. We believe each one of us is bound by a common thread. We are hence at the forefront of social welfare programs as well as sustainable practices.

Its a joy to create masterpieces for the world.

And we look forward to delight you with unflinching quality, innovation and passion every day.