Cotton Yarn
ingenuity in diversity

Each thread of the 40,000 spindles of yarn produced at Ginni is a microcosm of our values. We are a certified manufacturer for Organic Cotton Yarn, Lycra Yarn, Slub Lycra, Slub & multi count and Eli Twist Yarn. Exported to major countries of the world, our yarn is tested and categorized with unique bale management software for homogeneous mixing. The quality of the machinery too is followed up by an online data flow and analysis system.

Product Description High quality carded & combed autoconed grey cotton yarns.
Counts Available
  • Hosiery Count
  • Weaving Counts
  • Ring Slub
  • Elli Twist
  • Core Spun Spandex Yarn
  • Core Spun Slub Spandex Yarn
  • : Ne 8s to 30s
  • : Ne 8s to 30s
  • : Ne 8s to 16s
  • : Ne 2/20s to 2/40s
  • : Ne 8 to Ne 16
  • : Ne 8 to Ne 16
  • Certified manufacturer for organic cotton yarn.
  • 100% testing and categorization of cotton bales
  • Special counts can also be made against order.
  • Bigger lots available to ensure uniformity in dyeing
  • Bulk Quantities in Minimal lead time.
  • 100% Quantum Cleared yarn.
Installed Capacity 39312 Spindles


Preparatory Reiter
Ring Frame LMW
Post Spinning Schlafhorst