Raw is unadulterated; Ginni’s RAW collection uses Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and Recycled fibers to cater to the new age environmentally conscious consumer.


Nirvana is a transcendental state where one is free of worldly worry. Ginni’s Nirvana collection provides cutting edge comfort with classic look. While wearing these fabrics they will look and feel at ease with themselves and the world around them.


Dhoom is uncontrollable excitement. Ginni’s Dhoom collection describes the customer’s excitement to the adoption of denim as a everyday fashion and lifestyle necessity by providing different colors and structures to cater to changing denim fashion


Intensely deep or bright & colorful; Ginni’s Vivid collection comprises of the mixture of colored denims for the customers to be more vibrant and variant in their daily life.


The power or quality of pleasing or delighting; Ginni’s Charm collection represents the quality and delightful denims that makes the women wearing it invincible.


Neo is new.Ginni’s Neo collection caters to the consumer’s desire for New Structures, Designs, Colors and Finishes possible in Knit-look fabrics.